Yoga for the Complete Beginner
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Yoga for the Complete Beginner

Our step-by-step guides will walk you through simple yoga stretches designed for those of us with normal (meaning somewhat limited) flexibility.

The exercises shown in our slide shows are taken from the book Yoga for Wimps by Miriam Austin (Sterling Publishing, 2000). Austin got interested in yoga exercises after an injury, and quickly noticed a difference in the way she felt physically and mentally.

"The simple fact is that the great majority of us cannot begin yoga by doing the classic poses," Austin writes in the introduction to the book. Her stretches, therefore, are designed to ease your body into the idea -- and work out some kinks in the process.

These stretches will help keep you alert and comfortable during the day:


These moves will help reduce lower back pain and rejuvenate you anytime:


These moves are so simple you can do them while you watch your favorite shows: