Real Woman Makeovers
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Real Woman Makeovers

Beauty lessons with celebrity hair and makeup artist Jim Crawford.


Are you using the same beauty techniques, products, and colors that you used as a teenager? Or perhaps you've become lost in a sea of too many products, never really sure which ones work for you. Who couldn't use a refresher course from an expert, especially one who's styled beauties like Delta Burke, Helen Hunt, and Amy Brenneman? "It's your job to learn what looks good," say makeup artist and hair stylist Jim Crawford, "and you need to learn to use the right products correctly so they don't just sit in a drawer." Crawford gave three lucky women a personalized hair and makeup makeover so they could achieve they look they've always wanted.

Emily: Casual Gal Goes Glam

Emily, 45, a single mom of two teenage girls, wanted a glamorous new look for evening. "I wanted a new way to look sharp on an evening out," she says. "I know how to be easy and breezy so I'm comfortable walking into the drugstore. I wanted to go beyond that."

Using varying shades of foundation, Crawford added width to her face, then made her cheeks glow with an iridescent blush. Eyes got the smoky treatment with mocha shadow and dark brown liner, and lips got a sexy crimson pout. Crawford finished the look by blowing her hair straight and giving her a dramatic side part.

"I was stunned when I looked in the mirror," Emily says. "I had no idea my hair could be made to go that straight. It was a little strange. But after I stared at myself for a while, I grew to like it. My daughter suggested I go dancing -- even though it was a Wednesday night."



Dottie: Frazzled Mom Gets Professional Look

Dottie, 44, a mom to two small children and site director of a large Web site, needed a look that made her feel sleek at the office. "I often feel lucky if I'm able to get out of the house with lipstick and undereye concealer on," she confided.

Using several shades of foundation, Crawford contoured Dottie's round face, and played up her cheekbones with sheer light pink blush. He brushed natural-looking taupe eye shadow on her eyes, and a simple bubble gum gloss on her lips. Knowing that busy moms don't have time to blow out their hair, Crawford worked with Dottie' natural texture, adding a few soft waves to remove some of the frizz.

"My colleagues and family members thought I looked very glamorous," Dottie says. "Now, if only Jim would agree to come to my home every morning!"



Karin: City Slicker Gets a New Look for a New Life

Karin, 44, has lived in New York City for 20 years, but she is about to move to a small town in upstate New York to fulfill her lifelong dream of running her own theater. "I need a chic-without-being-threatening, easy-to-care-for look to take with me to remember New York by and to help me hold on to my roots," she says.

Crawford brightened up Karin's face by using a slightly lighter foundation, then emphasized her cheekbones using a darker foundation and bronzer. He gave her bright eyes with a pearly beige shadow and smudged liquid eye liner, and warm lips with a spice shade gloss. Lastly, he added a bit of height to her short hair with curling iron, then tousled it for a sexy, casual look.

"I was thrilled with my makeover and have taken all of Jim's suggestions and incorporated them into my daily makeup routine," Karin says. "It takes less time than what I used to do and looks so much better. And for the first time in years I feel like my makeup fits my face!"