Makeup That Lasts All Day
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Makeup That Lasts All Day

5 tips for fade-proof makeup.

As a makeup artist, I am often asked, "How do you keep your makeup from fading during the day?" The secrets may surprise you. Whether your makeup says "long-wearing" or not, you can keep your face looking fresh from dusk to dawn by using these simple application techniques.

But first, the greatest trick I have learned over the years: loose powder is your makeup's best friend.


Pat concealer on the under-eye area as if you were making dots, and then blend gently. Seal the coverage by lightly sweeping the area with a small powder brush dusted with sheer, loose powder. This will also help prevent mascara from causing dark rings around the eyes.

Cream Blush

I am a firm believer that less is more -- especially with cream products. Because of its consistency, it is the nature of cream blush to move on the face. One way to prevent this from happening is to apply a dusting of sheer loose powder over the cheeks after you have applied the blush. This will keep the color where it belongs -- on your cheeks.


Eyeliner smudges by nature, making it the one makeup mistake you don't need to stress about fixing, because eyeliner looks sexiest when it is slightly imperfect. But if you're looking for a strong, solid line, use a liquid liner for precision and stay-put finish.

Lipstick/Lip Gloss

There are products on the market made specifically to prevent feathering, but a secret trick that I always use, if I don't have my no-feather pencil on me, is to dab foundation on your fingertip and smooth it over your lip line. This smoothes out any lines around the mouth and provides an even surface for the lip color to adhere to.

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Originally published on, May 2005.