The Beauty of Less Is More
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The Beauty of Less Is More

How to tone down your makeup for summer.

Prep Work

Sonia Kashuk Real Beauty
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Sonia Kashuk

When the temperature rises, clothes aren't the only thing we wear less of. Just as fashion changes with the seasons, so should our faces -- and how much makeup we wear.

Just because you're lightening up doesn't mean you can't look fresh and current. Now is the perfect time to experiment with a different shade of shadow or perhaps a new tint for your lips. This season, bright, brilliant colors are the big news in makeup trends. They may look intense, but they go on light and sheer, with just the right amount of color.

It doesn't take much to create a whole new look to go with the new season. Just a product or two in the right places is all you need. Here's how to put your best warm-weather face forward.

Prep skin with a light moisturizer and lip balm, both infused with SPF. This is key. Follow with concealer where it's needed. It's okay to use your fingertips to apply -- just be sure to dab or pat it into the skin to blend instead of wiping or rubbing.

The goal of foundation, concealer, and powder is to make your skin a consistent color without changing the texture. Only use foundation in areas that need to be covered up. Skin, especially in the warm weather, looks best in its natural state. When foundation is applied in thin, even layers, your skin's natural glow will show through, and that's beautiful.

Cheeks, Eyes, Lips

Your face has three basic areas to emphasize: eyes, lips, and cheeks. You never want to emphasize all three areas at once. Choose the one feature you want to play up and downplay the other two. Here's how to apply just the right amount of color:

Cheeks: Apply bronzer or blush to the apple of the cheek (the fleshy area that plumps up when you smile). Always start with a conservative amount, as it is easier to add more than take away. For more glow, sweep bronzer over the arc of the forehead and the arc of the chin.

Eyes: Here's a surprising tip: to identify colors that will work best for you, let your hair -- not your eyes -- be your guide. If you're a blonde, sweep lids with creams and taupes. Brunettes look best in mochas and chocolate browns, and if you're auburn or red-headed, choose coppers, peaches, and reddish-browns, or cool tones like pinks and lavenders.

Lips: The natural pigmentation of your lips should always be the underlying tint of every lip color you wear. That's why the same lip tint looks one way on you and another way on a friend. For the perfect summer pout, always use a lighter color or a dab of shine in the center of the mouth. Forgo strong lip liner in the summer to help keep your look soft.

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