New Wrinkle Reducer: StriVectin
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New Wrinkle Reducer: StriVectin

Does the hottest new product in the war against wrinkles really work?

The war against wrinkles is an ongoing one. And to help women of all ages combat fine lines and furrows, cosmetics and skincare companies continue to produce treatments and products said to reduce the appearance of these nuisances.

If you're entrenched in this battle, you most likely know about the newest, hottest reported fix on the market: StriVectin. (You've likely seen its "Better Than Botox?" ads in major magazines.) Stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Sephora are selling out of this $135 cream daily, and according to Klein-Becker, the company that produces the product, once customers have a taste of StriVectin, they keep coming back for more.

The secret, according to the company, lies in StriVectin's Striadil Complex, a combination of peptides and plant extracts. StriVectin's Striadil Complex was originally formulated to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but has recently found new acclaim among consumers as an anti-wrinkle cream. "In independent clinical tests, StriVectin has been documented as diminishing the appearance of fine lines in 28 days," says Lou Rinaldi, director of product development for Klein-Becker. Klein-Becker claims that Striadil boosts luminosity, increases collagen production, lightens dark spots, and thickens the skin. "In fact, one study showed that StriVectin thickens skin 1.5 times as efficiently as retinol," says Rinaldi.

And while Klein-Becker and its distributors continue to get good feedback from consumers, dermatologists remain skeptical. "I don't get it," says Richard G. Glogau, MD, clinical professor of dermatology at the University of California San Francisco. "There's nothing in the product that's going to change the metabolism of the skin," he says, a change that's necessary to truly produce results.

So should you try it? Sure -- if you have realistic expectations. While StriVectin will smooth and soften your skin and may offer some antioxidant protection, it probably won't completely erase your wrinkles. And if you're a true beauty skeptic? Take Dr. Glogau's advice: "Save the money and buy shoes instead."