Flawless Foundation for Summer
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Flawless Foundation for Summer

Get the basics for keeping your base fresh all season long.

Women who rely on foundation year-round know that summer poses specific problems: The heat and humidity can cause base to run, smear, and disappear. To keep your base in place through August, use these techniques:

  • Prep your face properly. Moisturizer, a staple during the winter months, can make foundation slide and wear off more quickly in the summer heat. For these months, forego moisturizer altogether if your skin is on the oily side. If you tend toward dryness, apply an oil-free moisturizer 10 minutes before your foundation.
  • Try tinted moisturizer. Most women need less coverage during the summer, when their skin looks naturally glowing and luminous. A tinted moisturizer gives a hint of coverage and evens out blotchiness, but still feels light and won't cake or smear.
  • Or wear self-tanner. Applying an artificial glow can give the illusion of perfect skin, so you'll need to use less foundation, or none at all. Pick a formulation made for the face.
  • Set your makeup with loose powder. Apply the finest dusting of loose powder over your foundation or tinted moisturizer to lock it in place. But beware: Too much loose powder in the summer can look chalky and caked-on, so use a light hand.