Before They Were Stars
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Before They Were Stars

These femme fatales were once ordinary working girls. Find out what they did prior to hitting it big!

After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College, Tea Leoni decided to see the world, stopping in Italy, Japan, and St. Croix. In Japan, she says "I tried a Japanese soap opera, but that didn't work out, so I did some athletic modeling and taught English. Well, not exactly. I helped teach Japanese businessmen being sent to the States how to properly relate to American women."

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Judd's first job wasn't glamorous.

Before she starred in such blockbusters as Where the Heart Is and Double Jeopardy, Ashley Judd worked behind the scenes, supporting her singing family The Judds on concert tours by cleaning their tour bus for $10 a day.

Faith Hill tried to keep the fact that she was a singer a secret from her boss Gary Morris when she worked as a receptionist for his music publishing company. But pipes like that can't stay hidden for long. A songwriter with the company overheard her singing one day and with Morris' encouragement, urged her to cut her first demo.

Before she landed a record deal, Madonna worked the counter at Dunkin' Donuts in New York's Times Square. She was reportedly fired for squirting donut jelly on customers.

Things haven't always been rosy for actress/model Rene Russo. She once helped support her single mother by working as an inspector on a factory line in an eyeglass company.

Cox was a cover girl before she
was a "friend."

Take a close look at the raven-haired vixen on the cover of that romance. Is it future "friend" Courteney Cox Arquette? Before she made friends at Central Perk, former model Courteney's portfolio contained shoots for teen magazines and romance novel covers.

If you lived in southern California in the late 70s, you may have gotten up close and personal with Michelle Pfeiffer when she worked as a cashier at Vons grocery store.

Before finding her peace as an actress on Melrose Place and Sex and the City, Kristin Davis opened a yoga studio with a friend.

We know her best as Boston lawyer Ally McBeal, but before acting paid the rent, Calista Flockhart earned her beans as an aerobics instructor in New York City.

Today, Oprah Winfrey is one of the most powerful women in entertainment, as a magazine publisher and host of a talk show that draws more than 21 million viewers a week. She began her career at age 19 working as a news reporter for Nashville radio station WVOL.