Alien and Spaceship Costume
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Alien and Spaceship Costume

Mars to Base, Mars to Base: Large, round orange creatures look very friendly. Over.
What You Need:

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Look out-of-this-world in this costume.

  • Stuffed socks
  • Sweat suit
  • Felt or foam
  • cardboard box
  • duct tape
  • paint
  • package wrap
  • ribbon
  • 4 plastic cups

Alien Instructions:

1. Place stuffed socks inside the hood of a sweat suit.

2. Cut eyes from felt or foam, and glue them to the top of the hood.

Spaceship Instructions:

1. Cut a slit through the middle of the sides of a cardboard box so you can "telescope" the ;enght of the sides to fit your child.

2. Flare out the top flaps, and cut an oval at the bottom to fit the child's body.

3. Turn the box upside down. Cut a circle of cardboard (like a pizza base) into quarters.

4. With duct tape, attach the quarter circles to fill in the spaces between the flaps.

5. Paint the box, or cover it with package wrap and pieces of bright paper. Tape all the seams and edges.

6. Cut a piece of ribbon into four equal lenghts. Attach the ribbon in front and back for shoulder straps. Glue on clear-colored plastic cups at the corners.