Short, Sexy Hair Styles
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Short, Sexy Hair Styles

Is this the season for a daring cut?

If you've been thinking about shearing off your long locks, now's the time to go for it! Short hair looks great for fall, according to Younghee Kim, owner of the eponymous salon in New York City. Here, some tips for getting cropped:

  • Consult with your stylist. Since going short is a big step, meet with your hair stylist once before your appointment. Bring along photos, and listen to his or her ideas about how short you can go. That way, you'll have no surprises when he or she starts snipping.
  • Mind your hair's texture. Very curly hair may look better in a chin-length 'do than a super-short crop. Fine hair can go shorter, as it can look limp and flat if left too long on top. Your stylist can suggest the best cuts for your hair texture.
  • Prepare to use products. Since short styles are often more sculpted than longer ones, you'll have the chance to use different types of hair products (such as waxes and pomades) to achieve your look.
  • Give your makeup a makeover. A short cut often calls for more makeup -- so a post-appointment trip to the cosmetic counter is in order. Use this opportunity to experiment with bolder color on lips, or more feminine shades for cheeks.