Five Ways to Bring Your Family Closer
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Five Ways to Bring Your Family Closer

Five ways to bring your family closer year-round.

Focusing on family history can foster a sense of security and tradition. Here are some things you can do with your own family.

  • Break out the family photos. Reminiscing over family albums with your children gives them a sense of family and relationships. Talk about how people are related, and when and where you'll see those you don't see often.
  • Share stories. Family photos can be a springboard for telling real life tales. Children love to hear stories about what Grandma and Grandpa were like when they were young; how Mom and Dad met; what life was like in the old days. This is an entertaining way of passing along family history and values.
  • Eat meals together. Preparing and eating meals together provides a great time to connect. Create the favorite dishes of different relatives, especially if there are a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Have a Christmas like Grandpa celebrated when he was young. Have Grandma compile holiday recipes in a family cookbook.
  • Have a family reunion. Gather relatives for an annual gathering to keep the family connected and show children that there are lots of people who care about them. Make a family tree complete with photos.
  • Create new holiday traditions. When parents come from families where holidays were celebrated differently, plan how you want to celebrate with the new family you have created. Meld some traditions and create other new ones.