Handmade Paper Fan Craft
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Handmade Paper Fan Craft

Handmade fans will help kids stay cool under the summer sun.
What You Need:

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Let fans take the shape of your
favorite sea creatures.

  • Heavyweight paper
  • Large crafts sticks and crafts glue
  • Paper scraps, puff paints, and markers


1. Cut out large and small fish or star shapes from heavy paper.

2. Decorate one side of two sticks and fish or star shapes with markers or puff paints. Let dry.

3. Lay the sticks decorated-side down. Cover their top sides with glue. Place the shapes at the top and bottom of one stick. Lay the remaining stick (glue-side down) over the stick with shapes. Clamp glued crafts sticks together with a clothespin. Let dry.