Hot Fitness Trends
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Hot Fitness Trends

Tired of your boring Stairmaster routine? Try out the season's newest ways to feel the burn.

A specialized machine uses weights and pulleys to stretch the body in a wider range of motion than any other exercise. This, in turn, could decrease the risk of osteoporosis and spinal injury. To find a class near you, log on to

Bikram Yoga

Room temperatures above 90F. make these sizzling classes conducive to super-stretching and a good, clean sweat. Fans say it improves flexibility and balance, and builds energy and stamina. For classes, log on to

Core Conditioning

This workout trains oblique, pelvic and abdominal muscles. But instead of the usual crunches, classes consist of glute squeezes and pelvic contractions, which improve posture and make everyday tasks easier, although they do not necessarily result in a washboard tummy. For classes near you, log on to --Meredith Franco