Gumdrop Pumpkins
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Gumdrop Pumpkins

Cut, press, cut, press, and you'll have these darling little pumpkins to help you celebrate.
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Easy-to-make little pumpkins
are perfect party snacks.
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Use these gumdrops as party favors by placing several in a small crate, papier-mache box, or basket lined with crimped shredded paper. Tuck in a plastic spider ring as the frightful finishing touch.

What You Need:

  • Orange slice-shaped jelly candies
  • Small green gumdrops


1. To make pumpkins, trim the edges of two orange jelly candies to create straight sides. Push the two sticky sides together, forming a pumpkin shape.

2. Cut a small piece from the bottom of a small green gumdrop. Press into the top of candy pumpkin.