10 Make-Ahead Main Dishes
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10 Make-Ahead Main Dishes

Relax during the work week by making these dinners ahead of time.
Cheese Enchiladas

You can make and chill this family favorite ahead. When ready to serve, spoon on the red chili sauce and bake.

Chicken Chili Burgers

Make these burgers the night before for a quick grilled meal the next day.

Harvest Stuffed Peppers

In this recipe, fat bell peppers are stuffed with zucchini, chickpeas, and quinoa, a protein-packed grain with a mild, nutty flavor.

Skewered Chicken with Peanut Sauce

Prepare the zesty peanut sauce up to 24 hours ahead. At mealtime, brush the sauce on chicken pieces and fire up the grill.

Hearty Lasagna

Lasagna is one meal that's always better the second day, after the sauce and cheese have set.

Shepherd's Pie

A hearty pie with potatoes and ground beef makes the perfect comfort food for winter supper.

Thai-Style Barbecued Baby Back Ribs

Marinate these tangy ribs in the refrigerator overnight, then pop them in the oven after work for a super simple dinner.

Panela-Rum-Cured Smoked Salmon

Let this salmon soak up the sweet and spicy marinade for a full 24 hours. When it's time to grill, wood chips add a deliciously smoky flavor to the fish.

Southwest Brisket with Corn Cakes

Flavored with chili sauce, chipotle, and beer, this juicy meat makes a manly meal.

Crab Cake Sandwiches with Caper Mayonnaise

Tangy caper mayonnaise makes a sophisticated substitute for plain old tartar sauce. Both the crab cakes and the sandwich spread can be made up to 24 hours in advance.