Puffy Valentine's Day Cards
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Puffy Valentine's Day Cards

A new way to make your Valentine cards really stick out.
What You Need:
Three Valentines
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These puffy cards will really
stand out from the rest.

  • Cotton fabric scraps
  • Poly-fiber stuffing or cotton balls
  • Aroma beads or fragrance sachets
  • Stapler
  • Ribbon scraps
  • Card stock or heavyweight paper
  • Craft glue


1. Cut a heart out of the fabric, keeping in mind the finished stuffed heart will be smaller than the flat piece of fabric.

2. Place the heart in the center of a square of heavyweight paper. Staple the bottom center of the heart to the paper, spacing the staples 1/4-inch apart. Continue stapling up both sides of the heart.

3. Place a small amount of stuffing under the fabric to fill the bottom of the heart. Pour a teaspoon of aroma beads over the stuffing. Add more stuffing over the aroma beads to fill the top half of the heart. Staple the top center of the heart to the paper, trapping the stuffing under the fabric. If you want to cover the staples, glue a length of chenille, ribbon, or yard over them. Tie a small bow of ribbon, and glue it to the heart. Let dry.

4. Glue the back of the finished heart to a folded sheet of card stock.