Quiz: Are You Pet Crazy?


Is your love for animals average, lukewarm, or way over the top? Take our fun quiz and add up your points to find out how you rate. It's one thing to cherish your four-legged friends; it's another to make them the center of your human universe. For her cable TV show It's Me or the Dog, animal trainer Victoria Stilwell often works with people who are overinvolved with their pets. "It's usually a symptom of some underlying problem in their lives," she says. On the other hand, being solidly anti-pet can create some challenges of its own. Answer the questions here to see where you fall on the dog-and-cat-loving continuum.


Question 1 of 8

If a friend invites you to her cat's first-birthday party, you:


try to book a teeth cleaning at the same time -- anything to get out of singing "Happy Birthday" to a cat

show up with a nice new catnip toy for Tiger

bake a tuna-flavored cake and wear cat ears to the party

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