Quiz: What's Your Stepparenting Style?


Would your stepkids describe you as a step-angel or a step-monster? Take this fun 10-question quiz and find out.


Question 1 of 10

Your stepdaughter has, without asking you, borrowed one of your shirts -- a shirt that your own daughter wears quite often. When your daughter wears that top, you enjoy the fact that she likes your clothes enough to surreptitiously take them from your closet. When your stepdaughter commits the same petty crime, what do you do?


Sigh with relief that she feels comfortable enough to don my clothes without asking (and flattered that a girl of her age would find my clothes chic enough to wear).

Silently take note of what I perceive as a show of disrespect, and save it for future arguments with my husband about the children.

Confront her about the shirt, and make sure she knows that it is not appropriate for her to invade my closet without first asking permission.

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