Quiz: Do You Trust Too Much?


Whether you're forming a marriage, a business partnership, or a truce with your teenage daughter, trust is the key to a harmonious relationship. However, too much blind faith can lead to trouble -- you could lose your heart, your money, or, perhaps worst of all, your faith in yourself. "That's why betrayal of trust is so upsetting, because what we're ultimately told is that our judgment is faulty," says M.J. Ryan, author of Trusting Yourself: How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Live More Happily with Less Effort (Broadway, 2004). Do you trust too much? Take this quiz and find out.


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At your annual performance review, your boss praises your work and increases your responsibilities. But she also says that the company had a bad year, so she can only give you a very modest cost-of-living raise. You:


Cheerfully say you understand. You're happy for the vote of confidence and are sure you'll get a proper raise when the company is flush.

Say you're disappointed to hear that, and then ask your coworkers if they also got the belt-tightening speech.

Say you think that's baloney and demand a 15 percent raise.

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