Quiz: What's Your Breakup Style?


As the song goes, breaking up is hard to do. You have the power to make it even harder -- or easier. Take our quiz to find out what kind of breakup-er (or breakup-ee) you are, and see how you might improve your out-of-relationship outlook.


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You just split with your long-term love. Who do you tell?


Everyone! You broadcast the news via a mass e-mail, change your screen-name to announce the New You, and even mention it on your outgoing answering machine message.

No one! You keep it completely to yourself, only mentioning it reluctantly when you're invited to a dinner party and have to RSVP for one or two.

You tell your mom and your best friend, then wait two weeks to make sure it sticks. When it's definite, you tell people as you happen to run into them.

How can I tell anyone when my head's lodged under all my pillows?

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