Quiz: Will Your Child Be Overweight?


By Felicia Megginson

While genetics play a role in weight issues, quite often lifestyle and food behaviors are at the root of a weight problem. Many of these behaviors begin in early childhood. Will your child have a weight problem as an adult? Take this quiz to learn the warning signs.


Question 1 of 10

When it comes to school lunches, three out of five days a week your child eats:


Fast food. That's all that's available at school.

A lunch packed at home that contains pre-packaged foods, like cheese and crackers or mini pizzas, a bag of chips, and a fruit "drink" or soda.

A lunch packed at home that contains foods like tuna in a whole-wheat pita, baby carrots, graham crackers and fruit juice, or a lunch from the cafeteria that's equally healthy.

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