Crazy for Cupcakes
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Crazy for Cupcakes



Cupcakes: The Ultimate Finger Food

Kids have always understood the charm of cupcakes -- paper wrapped and gooey frosted, these luscious treats are the ultimate finger food. Now adults are discovering their delights as well, not just as treats but as petite canvases for pretty and whimsical decoration. So join the cupcake craze and let your guests -- no matter their age -- indulge their frosting fantasies. We recommend you bake the cakes in advance; for even more convenience use the recipes here, adapted from Anne Byrn's new book, Cupcakes from the Cake Mix Doctor, which features store-bought cake mixes enhanced with fresh ingredients. You can also use ready-made cream cheese frosting spiked with vanilla or cinnamon. Cover a long table with white butcher paper and set out small bowls of toppings -- from colorful sprinkles to Gummi Bears, licorice strings to jelly beans -- and watch what crafty creations emerge.