Picture-Perfect Storage: Photo Box Clutter Control
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Picture-Perfect Storage: Photo Box Clutter Control


Decorating With Family Photos

Optimal Organizer

We all have one, hidden in some desk drawer or tattered shoebox: an ever-growing collection of photos we vow -- one day! -- to place neatly into albums. But here's a reason to make that day sooner rather than later: Color prints, because of the dyes used, will fade rapidly if not properly protected. But there are simple ways to keep your photos' colors true for decades.

The first task is to get prints out of regular envelopes or cardboard boxes (high acid content will cause prints to yellow) and into the right acid-neutral environment. CDs of your digital scans should also be kept in protective sleeves to prevent scratching. Then put them all in a cool, dry place. Here, a few stylish options for housing all your memories.

Printed Canvas Photo Box ($24 each, $64 for three)
These cheerful, floral photo boxes from Hold Everything are lined with acid-free paper and come with 12 indexed dividers so you can categorize up to 1,000 photos. Available from www.holdeverything.com.