How to Get Younger, Healthier Hair
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How to Get Younger, Healthier Hair


How to Get Younger Healthier Hair, brunette ponytail
A Prettier Ponytail

Why It Works: You already knew that a ponytail was convenient, but are you aware that pairing it with bangs transforms this classic casual into a modern and youthful 'do? "Bangs snap off five years, especially when they're worn to the side," says Steven Dillon, a stylist with the Pierre Michel Salon, in New York City. Don't have bangs? You can still enjoy this look by keeping the ponytail really low.

How to Get It: Comb your hair back with a flat paddle brush (because its teeth are spaced far apart, it delivers a more natural result) and pull your bangs or shorter pieces around your hairline. Secure the ponytail with a soft rubber band. Try fastening your own hair around the band (shown in this picture) for an even more sophisticated effect. Top off the look with a light hair spray.