Skin-Sational: Break Bad Skincare Habits
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Skin-Sational: Break Bad Skincare Habits


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Pore Problem

Q. I'd like to shrink my large pores. Is that possible?

A pore is actually the opening of the hair follicle, and its size and appearance are determined by a number of factors, including genetics, the location of the pores (for example, the T-zone naturally has larger pores because of its abundance of sebaceous glands) and your skin type. However, sun damage, the aging process, dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria all clog pores and in the process make them appear larger. That's why keeping your skin healthy and protected via sunscreen and exfoliating ingredients helps your pores remain at their best. Bottom line: You cannot coax your pores to be smaller or larger, but you do have some control.