An Easy, Breezy Buffet: Asian Dishes and Appetizers
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An Easy, Breezy Buffet: Asian Dishes and Appetizers


Fresh summer spring rolls

Fresh Summer Spring Rolls

Now come the dog days of summer, and we've found a way for you to entertain outdoors in an atmosphere that's festive yet casual with a menu that's memorably creative -- but still as airy as a summer flower and simple to prepare. We did so by devising five small flavorful pan-Asian dishes that can be served at room temperature, accompanied by a delicious watermelon cooler. To give the theme some kicky fun, you can nibble on spring rolls, wontons, sates, and salads -- all presented on colorful dishes -- while you and your friends gather around a low wooden table with breezy paper lanterns dangling overhead.

Fresh Summer Spring Rolls recipe