Make Over Your Hairstyle
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Make Over Your Hairstyle


straight hair
If You're Thinking of Going Straight

The Upside
Salon hair-straightening treatments can be liberating, says Mancuso. "You can now let your hair dry naturally," he says, "and it stays smooth even in humid weather." Mancuso uses Rusk's Radical Anticurl, approximately $100, a mild straightening treatment, on his curly-haired clients. (Look for it in your local salon.)

Straight hair reflects light in a way that curly hair, because of the way it twists and turns, really can't.

The Downside
Be careful not to wear your hair too flat, warns Mancuso. "Straight hair still needs to have movement and life," he says.

Again, salon treatments are not only pricey and time-intensive, but they can be drying, too.

The Compromise
If permanently straightening your hair is too daunting, take comfort in your blow-dryer and round brush. This dynamic duo smoothes the surface of the hair and keeps it that way until you shampoo again.

The Products
Lock in your straight style with Biolage SmoothTherapie Smoothing Gel, $13.95.

Dabbed at the ends of your hair, Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Healing Shine Serum, $6.99, will eliminate flyaways.