A Thanksgiving to Remember: Recipes
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A Thanksgiving to Remember: Recipes


the Thanksgiving table

The Traditional Table

Thanksgiving, with its turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and relish, is, of all the holiday dinners, the one most deeply connected to a national tradition: celebration of our beginnings, gathered 'round a table with those we love. Since this feast began with gratitude for a shared harvest, this year we've invited the special season of late autumn back to the table. The whipped potatoes merge with parsnips; the stuffing and turkey feature chestnuts; the roasted vegetables include butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, and turnips. We've set our table to showcase the deep, rich colors of fall, decorating the top with small gourds, cobs, and dried autumn flowers. Even the glassware we chose celebrates nature's bountiful spirit. These are the little touches that will turn a satisfying family gathering into a spectacular one.