For the Love of Cupcakes
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For the Love of Cupcakes


Decorated cupcakes on a tray

Cupcake Cuties

What says "I love you" as sweetly as a homemade cupcake? Turn any day into a yummy children's party with these decorating designs for hearts, ladybugs, frogs, owls, porcupines, a hen and her chicks, a train -- even a merry-go-round. Kids will love helping you make these creative confections -- in fact, you'd have a devil of a time keeping them away from this dizzying display of icing and candy! Plus, it's a wonderful opportunity for adults to indulge their own not-so-secret cupcake cravings.

Most of the candy and specialty baking supplies used to make and decorate our cupcakes are available at:
Dylan's Candy Bar (888-395-2676)