Easy 4-Step Strength-Training Workout
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Easy 4-Step Strength-Training Workout


LHJ0105StrengthTrain_One Arm Kick Back A
One-Arm Triceps Kickback

Holding weight in your right hand, put your left leg in front of you and bend both knees. Place your left hand on a chair for support and lean forward from your hips. Bend your right arm to a 90-degree angle and lift it just above your back. Keep your palm in and upper arm close to your side, then extend your arm until it's straight. Pause, squeeze your triceps, and slowly come back to the starting position. After repeating, switch sides.

LHJ0105StrengthTrain_One Arm Kick Back B
One-Arm Triceps Kickback 2

For lower body exercises, stand tall with your feet wider than your hips and your hands on your waist. Start with 10 reps of each exercise and work up to 15.