Easy 4-Step Strength-Training Workout
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Easy 4-Step Strength-Training Workout


LHJ0105StrengthTrain_Drop Lunge A
Drop Lunge

Raise your left heel and rotate your whole body to the right. Keep your right foot down and ankle in line with your knee. Keep your left heel up and bend your right leg until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Push your right heel down as you come up. Repeat, then switch sides.

LHJ0105StrengthTrain_Drop Lunge B
Drop Lunge 2

Reprinted from: Lean, Long & Strong: The 6-Week Strength-Training Fat-Burning Program for Women by Wini Linguvic © 2004 by Wini Linguvic. Permission granted by Rodale. Photography by Mitch Mandel.