Rooms to Grow for Preteens
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Rooms to Grow for Preteens



They grow up so fast. It seems to happen overnight -- one moment your child is just a tiny swaddle of blankets and diapers, and the next he's listening to crashingly loud music and talking in unrecognizable lingo. Just as suddenly, the bedroom decor he loved as an 8-year-old has become completely uncool by the time he's 10 -- a horror for any preteen.

The Robson family, in Westport, Connecticut, had a similar dilemma but with an added complication: Thomas, 14, and Sam, 11, shared a room and they'd never quite figured out how to make the most of the space.

With two of everything -- beds, desks, and dressers -- the room was cramped, and the white walls and bland wood furniture did nothing to reflect the young boys' vivacious personalities.