50 Quick Stress Cures: 1-25
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50 Quick Stress Cures: 1-25


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Fight or Flight

If you want to know what's stressing you out, the short answer is everything. Work, family, money, and your health are big contributors, according to the American Psychological Association's survey, "Stress in America." Or it could just be that you can't get your DVD player to work and the new puppy is still not housebroken. Actually, the key isn't what happens to you, it's how you react to it that determines whether an event sets off your stress response, releasing the hormones adrenaline and cortisol and beginning the physical and emotional reactions known as the "fight or flight" syndrome. Sometimes a fast fix maybe just as good -- or better -- than a complicated stress-reduction program. Here, 50 quick ways to keep stress at bay.

Talk to Someone
Bottling things up is for brewers. A trusted friend (or a trusted trained professional) who will listen to what's bothering you without judgment or mockery will help you unload your problems and may also help you solve them.