Feed Your Skin
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Feed Your Skin


Feed Your Skin model

You Are What You Eat

You know that you are what you eat, but did you know that the health and beauty of your skin also rely on what you eat, day in and day out? Here then are our picks for the most beautifying foods to add to your diet. After all, a nutrient-rich diet means a healthier you...and what could be prettier than that?

Healthy Oils
Good-for-you fat is derived from olives and extra virgin olive oil. The key ingredient here is oleic acid, which keeps the outer portion of our skin cells supple. This allows nutrients to enter and waste to exit, says dermatologist Nicholas Perricone. "Without good fats," he adds, "we wouldn't be able to absorb the antioxidants found in fruits, grains, and vegetables."

Yummy Yogurt
Yogurt, a superfood, is vital for healthy skin. It's rich in probiotics, a form of beneficial bacteria that can calm inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema. With so many options these days, staying away from sugary versions should be simple enough. Or sweeten plain yogurt with honey, another healthy food.

Chocolate Fix
The rumors are true: Dark chocolate can be as nutritious as it is delicious. Once again, skin-protecting antioxidants are the star nutrient; just make sure that it's dark, which generally has higher levels of flavonol than milk or white chocolate. This delicious goodie is also said to increase skin hydration and reduce roughness.