5-Star Chicken Recipes and More
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5-Star Chicken Recipes and More


Trisha Yearwood and mom cooking

Cooking with Love

Other than for the "singing thing" I do, I'm best known among friends for my cooking. Their liking my meals is like an audience applauding one of my performances -- it feels good! Mama taught me the basics of cooking and to use what you have available. From her I also learned to experiment and make a recipe work for me. From my daddy I learned about laughing, having fun in the kitchen, and the satisfaction that comes from seeing others take pleasure in a meal you have prepared.

Sharing recipes and food memories connects you with those you care about. When I moved to Oklahoma I missed my family in Georgia and, on lonely days, found myself making dishes from home. For my birthday a few years ago, my mom and sister put together a notebook of family favorites. That collection planted the seed for a special cookbook, Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen.

I have wonderful memories of the easy-to-make recipes we chose for this book. My daddy's Barbecued Chicken (which you'll see here on slide 3) still makes my mouth water. Other dishes from the book that you'll see in the following slides bring a smile to my face because I know how happy my family is when they find out that's what's for supper.

Garth says my cooking is good because it's made with love. I used to think that was just a sweet thing to say to your wife, but now I think he's right. If you truly care about what you do, it shows -- in life, love, good music, and good food. I hope you will love using these recipes as much as my family and I have enjoyed sharing them with the people who are important to us.