What to Eat and Not to Eat
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What to Eat and Not to Eat


Kathy Stuart after

Kathy Stuart

What she ate then...
Breakfast: A diet soda.
Lunch: A 6-inch submarine sandwich with mayonnaise and extra cheese. Plus chips and diet soda.
Snack: Large french fries or pastry.
Dinner: Three burritos and a plate of nachos with cheese.
Dessert: A large slice of cheesecake.
Late-night snack: A half-pound bag of potato chips with salsa.

...and now:
Breakfast: A NutriSystem granola bar, a cup of low-fat yogurt, and half a banana.
Lunch: A tossed salad with vegetables and low-fat dressing, a NutriSystem chicken cacciatore entree, a yogurt, and lots of water throughout the day.
Snack: A large green apple.
Dinner: A veggie burger with low-fat cheese and a whole wheat English muffin, green beans, and a salad.
Dessert: A sugar-free Creamsicle.