What to Eat and Not to Eat
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What to Eat and Not to Eat


Lydia Fish after
Lydia Fish

What she ate then...
Breakfast: A mocha latte with whole milk and two large breakfast pastries.
Snack: Half a breakfast pastry.
Lunch: Chinese takeout combo meal (chicken with mushrooms, fried rice, and fried prawns) and a cup of sweet-and-sour soup.
Snack: Five cookies.
Dinner: One 8-ounce pan-fried steak with baked potato (with salt and several tablespoons of butter on top), green beans with butter.
Dessert: Three cups of premium chocolate ice cream.

...and now:
Breakfast: One egg on a slice of dry whole-grain toast.
Snack: One peach.
Lunch: One "lite" frozen entree over large bowl of chopped romaine lettuce, one nonfat cherry yogurt, and a piece of fresh fruit.
Dinner: One 4-ounce chicken breast with one to two cups of fresh steamed broccoli with salt and pepper and a small baked potato with salsa.
Dessert: A bag of fat-free microwave popcorn without butter.