Summer Wine Guide
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Summer Wine Guide


Le Rose de Mouton Cadet
Le Rose de Mouton Cadet Bordeaux

Vintage: 2006
State or Country: France
Price: $8.99

Le Rose de Mouton Cadet 2006 is a pleasant wine with a crisp, fresh fruit flavor that is neither overly aggressive nor strong. Its brilliant clear-ruby color has an understated presence in the glass, which announces itself in its subtle bouquet: just-crushed raspberry and red cherry infused with wildflower (think dame's rocket). This dry rose is lightly acidic with notes of cherry, and the silky, barely noticeable tannins provide a remarkably long (for a rose) pleasant finish. Best served slightly chilled (around 55 degrees), Le Rose de Mouton Cadet makes a fine accompaniment to couscous and lentil dishes as well as fish sandwiches and fruit desserts. Le Rose de Mouton Cadet is a lively pick-me-up for summer and early-autumn alfresco get-togethers.

-- Tom Claire