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Get Heavenly Hair Now


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Build Body and Volume

"When you're volume-challenged, shampoo can really make or break the final look," explains Erin Anderson, a VO5 celebrity stylist and co-owner of Woodley & Bunny Salon, in Brooklyn, New York. A volumizing shampoo works by fattening up the hair cuticle, providing the illusion of fuller hair. Conditioner, meanwhile, is essential, as long as it's tailored to your texture. Leave-in sprays work most of the time, but on thirstier color-treated or damaged strands use traditional conditioner everywhere except at the roots.

When styling, your instinct may be to douse the top of your head with mousse or spray, but don't. True, it's the spot that needs the most lift, but as Anderson points out, "You have the least amount of hair at the crown and hairline, so it needs less product." Instead, work the product from the back of your head toward the front while massaging it into the roots.