At-Home Hair Coloring: Think Out of the Box
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At-Home Hair Coloring: Think Out of the Box


Red Riddles

Red hair dye is most likely to fade -- even natural redheads lose intensity over time. But this fiery hue can still be yours as long as you prepare for the upkeep by stocking up on a good color-protecting shampoo and conditioner.

Issue: Your grays take on a pink-flamingo tinge. Here's a freaky fact: Putting red dye on hair that's more than 50 percent gray can turn your locks pink. Papanikolas recommends shades that have a type of "gold" in the name, such as copper gold and golden auburn. "The underlying gold tint counteracts the gray," he says.

Issue: Your red hue is gorgeous but seems to wash down the drain. A red glaze (available at drugstores) or red color-enhancing shampoo and conditioner, which contain small amounts of pigment, will help your vibrant color stay put. And remember, you should maintain your color every three to four weeks to mask regrowth -- but if you do it any sooner you'll dry out your hair and fade the color more quickly.