Act Your Age, Not 10 Years Older: Jeanne Knudsen
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Act Your Age, Not 10 Years Older: Jeanne Knudsen


Jeanne Knudsen, after
Fashion Upgrade

One look at Jeanne's tapered, high-waisted '80s jeans and we could see she needed help! Solution? Dark, stretchy wide-leg jeans are flattering and utterly modern. Jeanne had actually been buying her pants a few sizes too big -- "for comfort," she says. But the beauty of stretch denim is that it gives, so you can wear jeans that hug your body without feeling pinched. "I can't believe how much thinner I look!" Jeanne exclaimed when she first tried them on. Dark denim is also more versatile than her old faded favorites: To make them right for a night out, all she had to do is switch into a satin top and tweed jacket. By day a bright knit top peeking out under a casual jacket looks cool and stylish -- especially with a pair of low-heel leopard-print pumps.