Sweet Dreams: Beautiful Bed Makeover
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Sweet Dreams: Beautiful Bed Makeover



Turn your bed into the stress-free sanctuary of your dreams by starting with the right building blocks. Your key investments? A set of soft sheets, a fluffy comforter with a duvet cover, and high-quality pillows. For a dash of personality, mix and match these elements yourself. To narrow the choices, follow two design rules: After you choose a color palette (cool or warm), stick to just two to three shades and don't go crazy with prints. Choose throw pillows in various shapes. Layer them in size, starting with euro squares and one or two standard pillows in front, for a tidy yet lush look.

And don't forget what's under the covers. A plush mattress pad, the right density pillow -- these also make the difference between a good and great night's sleep. Before you run out and raid the bedding department, ask yourself: Do you like warm flannel or cool cotton? Fluffy down or hypoallergenic synthetic? Then read on and follow our bedding tips.