Make $3,000: 9 Things in Your Attic You Can Sell
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Make $3,000: 9 Things in Your Attic You Can Sell


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Name-Brand Kids' Clothes

Your teen isn't the only one who drools over Juicy Couture and Abercrombie (or Aeropostale and American Eagle). And you're not the only mom who gave in and splurged on a $30 tee or $80 pair of jeans. So you'll be happy to learn that when she outgrows her fabulous wardrobe, you can get a chunk of change back. Secondhand designer kids' clothes auctions get superheated: We saw a used Juicy terry hoodie sell for $41 with 12 people vying; 10 bidders competed for a pre-worn Abercrombie logo tee, with the winner paying about $12. Shoes and accessories sell well too, says Jim Griffith, a marketplace expert for eBay. "But it's still worth trying to sell non-brandname clothes in near-new condition," he says.