Fresh New You: Kathy Donovan Gets Interview-Ready
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Fresh New You: Kathy Donovan Gets Interview-Ready


Kathy Donovan after

Because she was job hunting in one of the toughest employment markets in years, Kathy had to make a memorable first impression at interviews. We showed her how to stand out by choosing a simple fitted dress in an attention-grabbing color. We also taught her the "less is more" rule of accessorizing -- hoop earrings, a gold bangle, and basic pumps in a neutral color look super-sophisticated precisely because they don't fight for attention. And it worked! Three weeks after this photo shoot, Kathy landed a full-time job.

The earrings: These earrings are big but not flashy.
The dress: Notice-me color and superb fit are key.
The bracelet: A shiny bracelet makes the outfit look finished.
The shoes: Subtle beige pumps are chic but appropriate.