7 Rules to Finding the Perfect Jeans
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7 Rules to Finding the Perfect Jeans


Photo by Bryan McCay
2. Focus on Fit, Not Labels

You inspect the label on a pair of jeans, and it says that they're a certain size and style, say boot-cut or straight-leg style. That's good information, says fashion consultant Clinton Kelly, but keep in mind that one manufacturers' definition of boot-cut is different from another's. And when it comes to flares, some jeans flare out a bit, others a lot.

"And, unfortunately, there is no universal sizing chart for designers to abide by," says Kelly. "You may wear a size 10 in one line of jeans and a 14 in another. Don't stress about it! Keep in mind: Women very frequently have a range of three sizes when it comes to the different items in their wardrobe." When in doubt, Kelly says, grab a minimum of two different sizes to take into the dressing room.