5 Quick Tips for a Happy, Healthy Halloween
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5 Quick Tips for a Happy, Healthy Halloween


Address pumpkins

1. Pump Up Last-Minute Pumpkins

There's no doubt a knife will do the job of transforming your pumpkin into a work of art. But when you've left it to the last minute, you can make it simpler in any number of ways. Carving tools, for starters, are behind many a spooky pumpkin (the secret is in the double-edged blade making intricate designs a whiz). Pumpkin Masters (pumpkinmasters.com) offers carving kits and accessories, including Kids Monster Pieces ($3.99) and a Vintage Pumpkin Carving Kit ($4.99), available at major retailers. Such tools also make it easier to carve words or your address into your Halloween pumpkins.

Taking a drill to your pumpkin another easy way to create a masterpiece—with polka dots! Simply scoop out your pumpkin, drill quarter-size holes, and let candlelight or holiday lights shine through. Or drill holes for eyes and draw on a crooked smile.

No need to feel like a slacker if you're just getting started on your pumpkins. Keeping a pumpkin fresh after a few days (without refrigeration) is a challenge. Your last-minute pumpkin will be the freshest one on the block!

Last-minute Halloween decorating ideas!