Sunday Night Dinner Done Right
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Sunday Night Dinner Done Right


father and son making pizza
Have Everyone Pitch In

Meals made together just taste better, says Samantha Barnes, founder of mobile culinary school Kitchen Kid. And Sunday, a day when the kids haven't had to be in school, is a good time to get the whole family involved in meal prep.

"Inviting kids to be a part of the process is the key to healthful, wholesome meals. It doesn't happen overnight, but if you involve them, they're more likely to try and eat a new dish," she says. "We see it all the time: Picky eaters dig into a previously feared food after they chopped, stirred, and simmered it." And more good news for the cook? Kids often love prep work moms tend to hate, like washing potatoes, stemming peas, and smashing squash. Encourage their creativity by letting them name the dish.