The 1st Annual Do Good Awards: Ladies Who Give Back
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The 1st Annual Do Good Awards: Ladies Who Give Back


Laura Ziskin
Laura Ziskin, Movie Producer

Stand Up To Cancer

When I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer seven years ago, I was stunned by what an epidemic cancer had become: One in five Americans will die from cancer. Every three minutes two people will die from the disease. I thought, we're a country of problem solvers; we set out to go to the moon and we did it, so why can't we cure cancer? One problem with cancer research is that it lacks focus. There are a lot of people working on the problem, but they're doing it in their own place. Stand Up To Cancer, which I cofounded in 2008, creates a big tent, where scientists and advocates come together to share information and help find a cure. We've brought cancer out of the closet, airing two telethons on the major TV networks, where cancer survivors like Michael Douglas and Sheryl Crow have appeared on air to support the cause. To date we've raised more than $100 million and are asking our scientists to accelerate their research and deliver therapies for all types of cancer more quickly. But we'll only really meet our goal when someone discovers a treatment that's going to save a cancer patient's life. Who knows, maybe that life will be mine. For more, visit