Makeup Tricks for Grown-Ups
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Makeup Tricks for Grown-Ups


Patti Hansen

She's 55? Supermodel Patti Hansen always looks amazing. Here, we'll share her secrets.

Skip foundation and you cheat your face out of looking its best. If you wear it and use the right formula and technique, you'll look younger than if you go barefaced.

Troubleshooting Guide

Your skin is dry: Make sure your foundation is hydrating enough before you buy it. Test the formula on your cheek and also on the back of your hand with a clenched fist. When you relax your hand, you'll get an idea of how it will settle into your skin.
You deal with sagging and wrinkles: The right tools keep your makeup from settling into grooves and lines. Use a synthetic brush to blend foundation onto your face in a back-and-forth motion, then pat away any excess makeup with a damp sponge when you're done.
You have serious sun damage: For camouflage that looks natural, not cakey, layer extra foundation over discolored areas first. Then press on a small amount of full-coverage concealer to hide any remaining brown spots.
You have splotchy red skin or rosacea: Aim for a sunny glow, not a porcelain-perfect look. Tinted moisturizer counteracts redness and gives flushed skin a more uniform color without heavy all-over coverage.
You have large pores: Use a mattifying primer or a matte sunscreen before applying foundation. They absorb oil and give your skin a cleaner finish. Use a brush to pat a small amount of concealer around your nose and chin.