Pretty Summer-Ready Feet
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Pretty Summer-Ready Feet


Woman getting a foot rub
Ahhh...There's the Rub

Whether you're wearing your sexiest sandals or the most comfy kicks, your tootsies can benefit from a rubdown at the end of the day, says Chicago-based licensed massage therapist Marilyn Kier. "Foot massage releases tight tissues, boosts the delivery of blood and oxygen, helps eliminate toxins, and just plain feels amazing." Start by sitting in a chair and placing a golf ball on the floor in front of you. Maintain good posture as you roll the bottom of one foot on the ball, starting from the heel and working up toward the toes. "Spend a little extra time rolling on tight, painful areas, but do not tense any other part of your body while doing so," Kier says. Take deep breaths—inhale and exhale to a count of five—to promote a sense of calm and oxygenate your muscles. Repeat on other foot.