Summer-ize Your Skin
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Summer-ize Your Skin


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Your Back and Thighs

Back Story
Aren't back pimples the worst? "Adult 'bacne' is really common, especially when you're more active," says Dr. Wu. Your back skin is thicker and oilier than other parts of the body, so if sweat, sebum, and dirt get trapped against the skin when you wear a sports bra, the pores can become clogged. The best way to keep your skin clear? Shower immediately after you work out and spot-treat zits as needed. Look for a body cleanser and an acne treatment that contain salicylic acid to dissolve sebum plugs. And if you have long hair -- another pore-clogging culprit -- keep it tied up while you exercise.

Thigh Anxiety
Unfair fact: Ninety percent of women have some degree of cellulite. There's no cure for the lumps and bumps, so don't fall for pricey lotions that make big promises. The best you can do is keep your thighs looking smooth (with a good moisturizer) and bronzed (with a self-tanner). Get a little extra confidence by massaging the area before you hit the beach, says Dr. Wu. The boost in circulation temporarily plumps your skin.